Multiple Benefits of CSS in the Field Of Website Designing

CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet and is widely employed by all website designers these days. With the help of the same, it is possible to boost the website design in a dramatic way. Employing Cascading Style Sheet holds a myriad of advantages and provides the desired flexibility to all website designers so as to be able to develop amazing websites. Apart from the ease of accessibility, CSS helps in making your website search engine friendly.

Multiple advantages

The reason is that search engine spiders do not go through the bundles of HTML codes in order to get the indexed codes. The tables and font tags of HTML makes the code very cumbersome and thus reduces the accuracy of the search results. By means of using external CSS to determine and design the design attributes, the HTML code can be made cleaner and will result in enhanced visibility.

Some of the benefits of using CSS for website development are:
Consistency-It is possible to change the background color of all web pages at a single go. A single style can be applied to one hundred webpages of a single website. Thus, it indeed saves a considerable amount of time.

Fast Loading-The loading time of a website holds a significant impact on the ranking for specific search terms. A clean code is produced as CSS reduces the amount of tags which need to be used. Remember, that table-less design can reduce the load time by as much as 25-50%. Reduces

Bandwidth-Through the use of Cascading Style Sheet compact code is generated and as a result of the same, lesser bandwidth is required in order to host the webpages.

Maintenance-Clean codes are easily understood by all users and it is possible to edit changes accordingly. Thus, the maintenance involved is also less.

Separate content from Presentation-With Cascading Style Sheet, it is possible to separate the graphics, HTML mark up and multimedia from the presentation.

Greater Control-CSS offers you with the capability of being able to hide the content from the browsers. In fact, there are many features which are not possible through the use of simple HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Prevents repetitive work- Since the design specifications are stored in a central location, there is no need to add the same codes in all the pages of the website. This proves to be of immense help in saving a considerable amount of time and avoiding repetitive work.

Tips to create effective CSS layouts

CSS has indeed made a significant difference in website design and offers greater flexibility. In order to create effective websites using CSS, there are certain tips to be followed such as:

· Plan out the website on an accordingly basis

· Take into consideration the requirement of the audience

· Consider organizing CSS into easy to navigate sections

· Make use of CSS3 to create effects such as gradients, box shadow and text shadows

The above-mentioned tips to build an effective site are by no means complete and many more steps could be added. However, the above-mentioned tips will provide you with an apt foundation so as to be able to start working.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Web Design Consultant

Starting a web based business is not a walk in the park. You will find your self with the motivation to start and run a beneficial web business but don’t know where to start. This is where you will have to source the services of a web design consultant to guide you.

Who is a web design consultant?

A web design consultant is a person who helps Internet entrepreneurs kick start and successfully run their online ventures through providing services such as website design, and may provide marketing as well such as, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization ,Pay Per Click advertising ,analytics and even Social Media Marketing. They will provide you with useful information and tips to help you get traffic that converts.

Characteristic’s of a good web design consultant.
Like any other consultation field, web design consultation has been populated by many individuals claiming to offer the best consulting services. Look and see if the designer has won an employee recognition award. Getting proper business consulting services , will depends solely on your knowledge and needs as a customer. In this blog I am gong to share with you six basic characteristics of a good business consultant.

1. A good web consultant understands his customers business.

Understanding your customers business is the Conner stone of providing him with appropriate advice. To know if a consultant has taken his time to research and understand your business, just gauge the questions that he will ask during the sales process.

2. The type of options offered by the consultant.

A good consultant offers his customers a wide range of options and lets him or her choose what works best for him. Beware of consultants who try to sale only one option to you. A good consultant will offer you options that are; Varying in cost of implementation, have different degrees of reward and risks, consider your overall strategy and tactics and integrate fully with your business process.

3. They uphold client confidentiality.

Nothing is bad as having a consultant who will sell your business secrets to your competitors.

4. They put customers interests ahead of their own

Consider hiring consulting services who will put their customers business before their own interests. They do not succumb to conflicts of interest. This will ensure that your will get the best advice for your online business possible.

5.One Who always looks for more opportunities to help your web business.

A good web consultant will use his broad professional contacts to help you improve your business. He will help your website rank more by linking you to his contacts.

6. Fast turn around time

A good web business consultant will give you visible results as per your agreement after a reasonable period of time. Don’t go for a consultant who is promising you overnight results. He will probably disappoint you, because miracles or magic do not happen in web business.

A good web business coach is invaluable, look for a consultant who knows your business, provides you with a variety of options and puts your interests before his. Trust me, don’t be desperate enough to hire a consultant who is promising you overnight results as he will end up frustrating you.

CSS front end development shortcuts

The main reason of using CSS is the large reduction in downloading time of every web page. We were using 1 tag over and over again including tables, nested tables, spacer gifs, etc. CSS has made our work easier by using shortcuts by each command listed only once. There are several codes and commands which can make their work: easier, faster and understandable when it comes to writing code.

With the best use of shortcuts one could speed things up and be more pragmatic. One should be careful though while using shortcuts because it may lead to negative result and bad coding as well. This article is used to make users familiar with the shortcut properties for development of frontend in CSS so that one could code in alternate and easy way.

Here are the lists of shortcuts one can use while development of frontend.

Usage-> font: 2em/2.5em bold italic serif
Instead-> font-size: 2em;
line-height: 2.5em;
font-weight: bold;
font-style: italic;
font-family: serif

Explanation-> The above shortcut would only be used if a user wants to use font and font family together. Also, if you don’t specify the font-weight, font-style, or font-varient then these values will automatically default to a value to normal. The best use of code you can utilize is when your coding is raw and lengthy.


Usage-> background: #fff url (pic.gif) no-repeat top left
Instead->background-color: #fff;
background-image: url(pic.gif);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top left;

Explanation->If we omit any of the above property the CSS will automatically load all the default values. If you forget to write background position than any image will be placed at top left side of the website.

Usage->list-style: disc outside url (pic.gif)
Instead->list-style: #fff;
list-style-type: disc;
list-style-position: outside;
list-style-image: url(pic.gif)

Explanation->Leave out any of the above command from type, position, style, the browser will use the default values.

Usage-> border: 1px black solid
Instead->border-width: 1px;
border-color: black;
border-style: solid
Usage->border-right: 1px black solid
Instead->border-right-width: 1px;
border-right-color: black;
border-right-style: solid

Explanation->You can substitute right with top, bottom or left. The above CSS shortcut rules can be combined with the shortcut rules used by Fonts and Background also. Be careful with the combination for 2 different rules, sometimes it may lead to confusion and bad coding skills.

Take a look at the following box:

These borders can be achieved with the following CSS command with different shortcuts:

border: 8px solid #336;
border-left: 10px solid #ccf;
border-top: 10px solid #ccf
You can also achieve exactly the same effect by using the below short code:
border: 8px solid #336;
border-width: 10px 8px 8px 10px
border-color: #ccf #336 #336 #ccf

Conclusion: Hence we conclude that rather than writing the long code we can opt for shortcuts available by the CSS. There are many shortcuts hidden inside each command the only thing is one has to use it wisely. As in the above example we are merging 2 shortcuts into 1 that means somehow we can manage the coding by our own ways. Hence CSS shortcut properties are great to use, they are simpler and again they reduce the amount of code contained in the CSS documents allowing for faster downloading time and browsing time as well. CSS also can be edited easily with shortcut properties so there is no way of any confusion.

Experiences With IT Support Services Solutions

The overwhelming increase in the number of technology clients has called for replenishment of improved services to counter the many problems that the clients are facing. The It support services solutions available include and are not limited to the following:

(a). Data entry and retrieval for the clients.
(b). Provision of reliable information on the issues affecting the IT systems.
(c). Installation of business software required for the business system
(d). Creation and maintenance of websites and networking systems.
(e). Data security and encryption to avoid possible theft and unauthorized access.
(f). Choosing the most reliable IT service like iq tech managed IT services portland.

The characteristics of a reliable It support services solutions provider are:

1. Relatively fair and affordable consultation fees with cheaper products and services.

2. Their services of monitoring It issues and system maintenance should be accessible in any hour of the day.

3. They should offer quality advice and solutions to the IT problems.

4. They should be flexible and agile. They should be capable of offering varied solutions to a problem.

5. They should have a high speed and precision in offering their friendly portland IT services. This enhances quick service delivery to the clients.

As much as there are many benefits of starting an It support managed services company, there are also innumerable benefits of consulting such firms. The following are the benefits of opening up an It support services solutions company:

1. A continuous inflow of income is a guarantee: there is infinitely increasing population of clients with IT problems. This is due to the ever advancing technological innovations.

2. There is the feeling of being your own boss while serving your clients. This improves the decision making ability.

3. You can exercise your generosity by creating employment to the experts in It support services solutions.

4. There is freedom and flexibility in your specs of work and working hours as you can employ people to work for you.

5. There is the satisfaction derived from doing what you love most.

The firm should therefore engage all their resources in attracting as many customers as possible and make their offers the best. In doing this, they should reduce their services price,increase their accessibility, improve the client-firm relationship and employ high quality experts.

The clients, who are mostly business owners enjoy the following benefits of IT consulting support services :

1. They will offer friendly portland computer repair & data recovery to your database systems from or if they are lost due to physical damage of the computer or permanently deleted. They offer automatic and reliable back ups to prevent future loss of files and enhance quick recovery if the loss occurs.

2. The technicians will offer you the advice on storage to help your system improve its working and easy retrieval of documents and other stored files.

3. The performance of the system is optimized in order to suit you preference and improve any business applications and data retrieval anytime, anywhere.

4. The business people are able to deliver their main services such as production, marketing and procurement without much focus on the data loss or system problems because they are assured of quality services from the It services support solutions provider.

5 Useful Tips and Tricks on HTML 5

One of the easiest programming languages to learn is HTML. Though with the introduction of CSS and other designing languages, HTML is gradually losing its importance, still it remains to be the starting point for most of the designers. What is interesting about HTML is the fact that it is fun to learn and designing websites with HTML is also very easy. In this article I shall try and present some tips and tricks in HTML 5 which make working with this language even more interesting.

Before you Learn the Tips and Tricks

Like any programming language, it is essential that you have a strong base in HTML before learning any tips or trick. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to play around with them if you don’t have sufficient hold on the subject. So, if you are beginner, it is highly recommended that you get your basics right.

Few Useful Tips and Tricks

Once you have a grip on the HTML 5 programming language, then you can proceed towards the next step, which is to play with the tips and tricks. With the help of these tricks and tips you would be able to make a design your webpage more easily and efficiently. Here are 5 useful tips which you will find handy.

1. Wrapping Text and Aligning Images: In HTML when any place, any object or text around an image, then by default it comes under the image. This doesn’t look good. In order to overcome this problem, you have the option of wrapping the text around the image. In order to do this, you simply need to use the “Align” attribute. Depending on the layout, the following options can be used.

· align=”left”

· align=”right”

· align=”top”

· align=”middle”

· align=”bottom”

· align=”baseline”

· align=”texttop”

· align=”absmiddle”

· align=”absbottom”

2. Change the Font Styles: At times, website editors use “rich-text” option to change the font styles. However, with the help of HTML font tags you will have more control. In the following example, I will let you know how to bold a text .

· Let the text be “Bold text” You simply need to add the followings

This is bold Text


This is bold Text

3. Blockquotes: In order to make a code an indentation, Blockquotes is the best way. This is how it can be done

· Let the quote be “I love you”. You simply need to add the followings

” “I love you”.” – Seth Godin

4. Horizontal Lines: With the help of this tag, you can draw a horizontal line across the page. In order to do it, you simply need to use the


5. Comments Tag: This is a very common trick among the HTML users. At times, you might have to take down notes in the markup and you don’t want it to be revealed on the page. In order to achieve it you need to surround the notes with start comments tag

· Here is the code:

These HTML 5 tips and tricks are very popular and they allow the designers to customize the format and make it more flexible. these are very easy and smart tricks in html