5 Useful Tips and Tricks on HTML 5

One of the easiest programming languages to learn is HTML. Though with the introduction of CSS and other designing languages, HTML is gradually losing its importance, still it remains to be the starting point for most of the designers. What is interesting about HTML is the fact that it is fun to learn and designing websites with HTML is also very easy. In this article I shall try and present some tips and tricks in HTML 5 which make working with this language even more interesting.

Before you Learn the Tips and Tricks

Like any programming language, it is essential that you have a strong base in HTML before learning any tips or trick. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to play around with them if you don’t have sufficient hold on the subject. So, if you are beginner, it is highly recommended that you get your basics right.

Few Useful Tips and Tricks

Once you have a grip on the HTML 5 programming language, then you can proceed towards the next step, which is to play with the tips and tricks. With the help of these tricks and tips you would be able to make a design your webpage more easily and efficiently. Here are 5 useful tips which you will find handy.

1. Wrapping Text and Aligning Images: In HTML when any place, any object or text around an image, then by default it comes under the image. This doesn’t look good. In order to overcome this problem, you have the option of wrapping the text around the image. In order to do this, you simply need to use the “Align” attribute. Depending on the layout, the following options can be used.

· align=”left”

· align=”right”

· align=”top”

· align=”middle”

· align=”bottom”

· align=”baseline”

· align=”texttop”

· align=”absmiddle”

· align=”absbottom”

2. Change the Font Styles: At times, website editors use “rich-text” option to change the font styles. However, with the help of HTML font tags you will have more control. In the following example, I will let you know how to bold a text .

· Let the text be “Bold text” You simply need to add the followings

This is bold Text


This is bold Text

3. Blockquotes: In order to make a code an indentation, Blockquotes is the best way. This is how it can be done

· Let the quote be “I love you”. You simply need to add the followings

” “I love you”.” – Seth Godin

4. Horizontal Lines: With the help of this tag, you can draw a horizontal line across the page. In order to do it, you simply need to use the


5. Comments Tag: This is a very common trick among the HTML users. At times, you might have to take down notes in the markup and you don’t want it to be revealed on the page. In order to achieve it you need to surround the notes with start comments tag

· Here is the code:

These HTML 5 tips and tricks are very popular and they allow the designers to customize the format and make it more flexible. these are very easy and smart tricks in html